Crazy Ideas

Crazy Ideas


As part of ISEP-IEEE student branch, we are organizing a talk called ‘ Crazy Ideas ‘, venue: L04-15, 16h30 – 17h30. 

It would be more like a discussion, rather than a talk vademecum viagra. It’s the first time we are organizing it at ISEP, please support us.. 

The topics of the talk are

1. ” Is it possible to adapt consistency of distributed data based on human emotions? ” by Sathiya Prabhu Kumar. 

2. ” My data, My money..! ” by Manuel Pozo. 

There could be one more talk (discussion) by one more person. Please let us know if you have a ‘Crazy idea’ to discuss.

See you all soon..! 

Some FAQ: 
Q: What is Crazy Ideas? 
A: Any interesting idea or crazy stuff with ‘out of the box thinking’. 

Q: What is the use of it? 
A: It would leads to some innovative ideas or solutions to real world problems. 

Q: Why should i attend it? 
A: Because, it is fun..! And you could water the innovative seeds of others or you might get one..!! 

Q: Still have some questions? 
A: Please attend our talk on 24 April, or ping us at sathiya-prabhu.kumar [at]


Thank you. 
ISEP-IEEE Student branch.