MCUBE is supported by the European Union. Europe is committed in Ile-de-France with the European Regional Development Fund.

Generally, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications consist of communication systems from on-site sensors and a main server through wireless networking such as GPRS or EDGE. Application domains of M2M are numerous (healthcare, vehicular and transport applications, tele-surveillance). Likewise, MCUBE is a Multimedia Platform using Machine-to-Machine technology as an implementation of distributed processing service. The treatments use multimedia data such as photos and sounds that are sent to the platform from M2M Gateways. These gateways can be connected to various sensors such as cameras, camcorders, and microphones to collect data and send them to the platform via web services.


Treatments require a large amount of data or simply a capacity greater than that provided by the gateways. Treatment can be carried out on the platform and the platform provides an interface to store the results of these treatments. MCUBE platform has been developed with components for M2M such as centralized web platform to store multimedia libraries and data, load balancing platform using cloudizer (see section 3.3), Web services generator, event and rule based programming language (see section 3.2). The various algorithmic libraries, configuration, storage, compilation and deployment are managed from the MCUBE platform.


42 months (October 2010 – April 2014)


  • ISEP (leader): Raja Chiky, Bernard Hugueney, Matthieu Manceny
  • WebDyn
  • Cap2020
  • SolarNet
  • Partnerships for supervising 2 theses: CNAM, Telecom ParisTech