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The Research and Development in Information Technology (RDI-LISITE) team addresses the general problem of designing and setting up systems which produce, interact with, and analyse a large volume of data. This data is characterised by the variety and heterogeneity of its sources (examples of such sources include sensors, connected vehicles and devices, and business/social logs). Two other aspects of this data comprise the continuous generation (i.e., streaming) of new content and the modification, at any time, of old content. In addition to the complexity of the data, systems interacting with it often operate in distributed and dynamic environments where changes are frequent. In order to take all the aforementioned characteristics into account, the implementation of such systems requires the definition of appropriate approaches, algorithms, models, and tools.

RDI’s research context

RDI’s research context

In this context, our research targets two complementary aspects of such systems:

  • Data: as part of the activities of the “Complex data management” axis of the team. Topics addressed include: data flow qualification and real-time anomaly detection and managing large-scale semantic data.
  • Application: as part of the activities of the “Service, business processes and Cloud” axis. Topics addressed include: business processes management in Enterprise 2.0 and modelling and mining business processes.
  • RDI’s research axes

    RDI’s research axes