Visible Light Communication prototype for digital signal transmission


Projet type: Sino-France Cai Yuanpei program

Projet partner: Tsinghua University in China


Usage of light emitting diode (LED) is rapidly growing due to its reliability, low power consumption and high efficiency. In Visible Light Communication (VLC) system, LED is used for illumination simultaneously its can be used for communication. The objective of this project is to study the VLC system and design a prototype to demonstrate the functionality of VLC system for audio and digital signal transmission through modulated LED light beam. The VLC system consist of two main components which are transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is attached with LED and the receiver is attached with photodiode, such that, the signal can be transmit through LED and receive by Photodiode. The design of the VLC system involved idea of generating negative voltage, signal amplification, compensating background light intensity, recovering attenuated signal. In this project, two prototypes i.e. VLC audio transmitter and receiver, VLC free space opto-transceiver have been designed and constructed. These prototypes have successfully been demonstrated for transmission of audio signal and digital signal. The VLC audio transmitter and receiver demonstrated the transmission of audio signal from computer to speaker wirelessly and VLC Free space Opo-Transceiver demonstrated the transmission of digital signal from computer to computer wirelessly as well. Both prototypes signal are transmitted through visible light.