General description

FITNESS aims at preparing the future of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) in Europe and in the world. It paves the way towards high performance PMR based on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and new functionalities requested by mission critical markets, while preserving backwards compatibility with existing PMR systems.

FITNESS exploits the progress done in integration and signal treatment domains, in order to deliver innovative PMR architecture taking into account RF standardisation activity, radio coverage, power consumption and the bill of materials.

Goals / Objectives

  • Innovative architecture investigation for a CMOS low cost narrowband multi-standard PMR IC.
  • Integration of a RF transceiver and a high power reconfigurable CMOS Power Amplifier fully compliant with LTE broadband PMR standard and addressing both 400MHz and 700MHz bands.
  • Integration of a chipset allowing indoor and outdoor localisation.
  • Design of a 3D platform combining heterogeneous technologies and allowing a high level of integration of different System On Chip dedicated to PMR in a single low cost System In Package.

Societal impact / Results

PMR is essential for public bodies on field communications (police, fire brigade, ambulance, public transport, energy utilities…). These public services are participating to PMR Users Forum to support these standards and let know their specific needs that only PMR technology can address (confidentiality, immediate and 100% network availability, terminals direct mode, group communication, simulcast…). Thanks to additional PMR broadband (LTE), public services will now be able to exchange data and improve European people security.


  • AIRBUS Defence & Space
  • NXP
  • Telecom Bretagne
  • IMS
  • ISEP
  • MKR-IC
  • GS-Lda
  • Instituto de Telecomunicacões
  • BeSpoon

Countries involved

  • France
  • Turkey
  • Portugal