Laboratoire d’Informatique, Signal,  Image, Télécommunication et Électronique

The LISITE is the research laboratory of ISEP and is composed of 3 teams:

logo minarcMINARC The MIcro and NAnoelectronics & Radio Communications team works in the field of low-voltage and low-power circuits, ultra-low power systems for medical applications and reconfigurable radios, and interaction between circuit design and advanced technologies (SOI, multiple-gate transistors, nanotechnologies, …).
logo rdiRDI The Research and Development in Information technologies team works on the issue of quality of Internet applications and architectures. It aims at producing tools, methods and case studies to assess and validate environment- and context-aware applications. RDI applies its work to various domains related to M2M platforms and mobile services (M2M, Cloud Computing, Recommendation Systems, Dataflow mining, and Formal Methods).
logo siteSITe The Signal, Image and Telecommunications team conducts research on the following topics: signal and image processing and analysis in various applications (e.g. medical imaging for ophthalmology, multimodal biometrics), video coding, and optimization of radio-resource allocation in post-3G cellular networks.

The laboratory maintains close relations with industrial partners (CEA-LETI, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, Thales, SORIN group, FOVEA etc…) and universities (GIS-eSys, IMS Bordeaux, IST Telecom ParisTech) and participates in projects funded by the French government and the European Union.

Finally, the laboratory organizes and participates in the organization of national and international conferences such as FTFC 1997 to 2010, IEEE ISCAS 2010, IEEE ICICDT 2008 to 2010, IEEE HISTELCON 2008 etc.